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Mike Grossman

Mike Grossman

Technologist, Pilot, Entrepreneur.

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Hello There!

Welcome to my AI playground

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web, where I get to share my journey with artificial intelligence. Here, you'll find projects ranging from chatbots designed to help pilots, both with regulations and finding the perfect airplane, to an AI that channels the wit of Mark Manson. You can also explore my work with stable diffusion, a quick but fascinating glimpse into the creation of images. It's a blend of technology, creativity, and a lot of learning. Feel free to explore, and I hope you enjoy what I've put together!

Custom AI Chatbots

Welcome to an area I've been exploring: custom-trained chatbots powered by GPT-4, an advanced natural language processing model. I've tailored these chatbots to specific needs, working to make them interact in a way that's engaging and surprisingly human-like. It's been an interesting journey, and while there's still much to learn, I believe these chatbots offer a glimpse into the future of digital communication. Feel free to explore below, and I hope you find this work as exciting as I do!

Airplane Finder Chatbot

This chatbot leverages the power of AI to help pilots find the ideal airplane. Analyzing preferences and requirements, it matches aviators with aircraft that fit their needs. A smart and efficient tool, it streamlines the search for the perfect plane, whether for personal use or professional endeavors. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

FAR/AIM Chatbot

This intuitive chatbot, powered by the remarkable ChatGPT but customized specifically for pilots, gracefully navigates FAA rules using the FAR/AIM guidelines. Providing exact and timely answers to intricate aviation regulations, it's a must-have, user-friendly tool. Engage with it to make navigating the rules of the sky simpler and more intuitive.

Mark Manson Chatbot

Need no-nonsense advice with a twist of humor? Meet the Mark Manson chatbot. It's like a life coach, but with more sarcasm and less BS. Whether wrestling with love or existential dilemmas, this chatbot tells it like it is, reminding you that sometimes, caring less is the secret sauce. Dive in; it's funny, frank, and freakishly insightful.

DALL·E 2024-03-18 22.14_edited.png

This chatbot is designed to assist users with general questions and technical troubleshooting for the Honda Aquatrax F12X. Whether you're seeking maintenance advice or troubleshooting solutions, this bot is here to help! Just ask your questions, and it will provide the assistance you need. Dive in and let's get your Aquatrax experience smooth sailing!

Stable Diffusion

Here's a glimpse of a quick project where I utilized stable diffusion, a technique that methodically deconstructs and rebuilds complex images, to create a model of myself in less than 1 hour using only 20 photos to train. Though the resulting images aren't perfect, they showcase the intriguing potential of stable diffusion to manipulate core components within an image. Examine the pictures below, which reveal the surprising depth and creativity possible with stable diffusion, even in a brief timeframe.

That's all for now.

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